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    "I'm interested in PE but have no idea what the job really entails"

    "I'm headed to PE...and I want to crush it from day one"

    "I work in PE and I'm absolutely drowning in a firehose of information"

    Our founder distills nearly 20 years of experience working at and training the top PE funds in the world, so you can look like a pro in both interviews and on the job in Private Equity.

  • You're aiming for
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    Private Equity
    (LMM to Megafund)

    As a Junior PE professional, you're given a tremendous amount of responsibility from day 1. You want to make sure that you have the absolute best chance of success to get that top bonus and continued promotion, but standing out is SO HARD when everyone is so smart.

    In addition to laying out the full process in plain English, we've created several proprietary tools that will ensure you're always ahead of the curve in every deal.

Invest in Yourself and Get an Edge

Are Your Courses Really Different?

We use a highly visual approach to make concepts easier to digest. 

Typical PE Roles

Level up With Our Proprietary Deal Tracker

Negotiating an NDA

How Sellers Evaluate Bids

Course Curriculum

Total Course Time: 4 Hours & 8 Minutes

    1. Welcome to the Course! (2 Min)

    2. Legal Disclaimer

    3. Video Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

    4. Let's Learn About You! :) (1 Min)

    5. Table of Contents (1 Min)

    1. PE Process Fundamentals (3 Min)

    2. PE Return Mechanics (5 Min)

    3. On the Job in Private Equity (8 Min)

    4. The Junior PE Role (4 Min)

    5. Download: Deal Tracker

    6. Using a Deal Tracker (1 Min)

    1. Intro: Getting to Go (2 Min)

    2. Idea Sourcing (6 Min)

    3. Teaser Review (1 Min)

    4. Preliminary View (11 Min)

    5. NDA Negotiation + Processing (4 Min)

    6. Download: Sample NDA - Landry's - Morton's

    7. NDA Views: Buyer vs Seller (11 Min)

    8. NDA Sections - Direction (2 Min)

    9. NDA Sections - Parties + Confidentiality (6 Min)

    10. NDA Sections - Term + Termination (1 Min)

    11. NDA Sections - Non-Solicit + Standstill (7 Min)

    12. NDA Sections - Reps & Warranties (4 Min)

    13. Getting into the Process (4 Min)

    1. Intro: Non-Binding Bids (4 Min)

    2. Reviewing the CIM (8 Min)

    3. Download: Sample Quality CIM – Memo Format

    4. Download: Sample Quality CIM – Slide Format

    5. Building a Model (7 Min)

    6. Prelim Financing Work (12 Min)

    7. Pre-IOI Memo (5 Min)

    8. Non-Binding Bids: Buyer vs Seller View (8 Min)

    9. Download: Sample Non-Binding Bid – KPS + Wasau

    10. Analyzing a Non-Binding Bid (2 Min)

    11. Non-Binding Bids - Buyer Background (4 Min)

    12. Non-Binding Bids - Purchase Price (7 Min)

    13. Non-Binding Bids - Financing (2 Min)

    14. Non-Binding Bids - Working Capital 'Peg' (1 Min)

    15. Non-Binding Bids - Conditions to Close ('Outs') (4 Min)

    16. Non-Binding Bids - Binding Nature (4 Min)

    17. Moving to the Next Round (1 Min)

    1. Intro: Dili Deep Dive to Final Bids (8 Min)

    2. Due Diligence Workstreams (8 Min)

    3. Download: Sample Quality of Earnings Report – Fortune Industries

    4. The Due Diligence Loop (3 Min)

    5. Management Presentations (3 Min)

    6. Getting 'Committed' Financing (3 Min)

    7. The Final IC Meeting (4 Min)

    8. Submitting Binding Bids (6 Min)

    9. Download: Sample Binding Bid – NAC-Belleli

    10. Key Binding Bid Terms (9 Min)

    11. Moving Past Final Bids (1 Min)

    1. Intro: Closing & Post-Close (2 Min)

    2. Securing Financing (5 Min)

    3. Download: Sample Credit Agreement - Bright Horizons

    4. Credit Agreement Basics (6 Min)

    5. Credit Agreement Checklist (6 Min)

    6. Purchase Agreement Basics (13 Min)

    7. Download: Sample Purchase Agreement – Blackstone Acquisition

    8. Purchase Agreement Checklist (2 Min)

    9. Purchase Agreement Terms to Know (3 Min)

    10. What is a Carve-Out? (2 Min)

    11. Download: Sample Transition Services Agreement - W.K. Kellogg

    12. Approvals + Announcements (3 Min)

    13. The Funds Flow (2 Min)

    14. Closing Dinner + Deal Toys (1 Min)

    15. Post-Close Roadmap (2 Min)

    16. Jr PE Hack: Tracking the Big Picture (9 Min)

    17. Course Wrap-Up (1 Min)

About this course

  • 69 lessons

Do You Really Know What You're Doing?

Learn from a former Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Hedge Fund practitioner (and Columbia Business School professor) who has successfully trained thousands of students. 

Mike has accumulated a unique range of experiences as a practitioner and teacher across the core areas of top-tier Finance. 

In Finance|able's courses, Mike ties these experiences together to help students see each situation from buy-side, sell-side, and operating roles using time-tested methods from over a decade and a half working and teaching on Wall Street.

Mike oversees all curriculum development and is building the only curriculum available that is purpose-built to tie together the common threads across the disciplines above to maximize your potential as an analyst.

Coming from a non-traditional background, our Founder, Mike Kimpel, is incredibly passionate about helping newcomers learn about (and excel in!) the world of Finance!

You will be able to succeed whether you're headed to Investment Banking, Private Equity, Investment Management, Corporate Finance, or M&A.

You'll learn to be much more than a 'Monkey' with our training. 

How Are Your Courses Different?

Learn Effortlessly With Our Intuitive, Visual Approach

Many finance courses look like a copy-paste from a textbook to a slide.


Let's face it, nobody likes learning this way...especially not in 2024. 

Our courses are designed with a highly-visual approach to help make learning easier, more engaging...and call us crazy...but even a little bit fun!

To quote an early user: 

"when you mentioned that there's nothing out there like this, I thought you meant you just had a better understanding of accounting than others, but the financeable platform is actually one of a kind. The mini quizzes and visuals are amazing and they're a perfect way to learn." 

Zero Time Wasted!


You're a busy person, with a lot on your plate!


We skip the fluff and zero in on what you really need to know!

As an example, many Excel courses teach you every Excel Function under the sun.  

In contrast, our Excel Survival Kit focuses on what you'll actually use day-to-day as an analyst

And our Excel course is built around a comprehensive project that actually reflects what you will actually do on the job!

We continue to be baffled by financial analyst programs that boast about 10-20+ hours of content...in a world where attention spans are shrinking by the minute.

It reminds us of the famous Mark Twain Quote:

“I apologize for such a long letter - I didn't have time to write a short one.”

Don't worry, you won't need 20+ hours to learn core topics with our courses! 

Ace Any Task with our Dynamic Frameworks

Most intro-level modeling courses are built around a particular company case. 

This sounds like a great idea, but it has two major issues:

  1. Attempting to learn company-specific details while simultaneously learning model mechanics (often ends with information overload and pure confusion).
  2. Building your foundational constructs around a single company. But every model build has company-specific nuances. 

While we will offer real-company cases, our foundational courses are built around a simplified example to ensure you build a strong conceptual foundation.

We further reinforce your learning with Visual Mental Maps for everything from Valuation to Financial Modeling. 

With our courses and mental maps, you will be able to attack any model with confidence instead of getting lost in one-off nuances of individual companies. You won't get lost in the weeds in our courses!

Prep For Interviews Within The Course

Within each section of our Concepts courses (and LBO Modeling), you'll find a walkthrough of common interview questions tied to the concepts covered. 

With this approach, we not only help you build a strong conceptual foundation but also prepare you to nail your interviews. 

No More Information Overload!

Our courses are designed to deliver exactly what you need, based on where you are in your career progression.  

We know your foundational training is only the beginning. 

And we build our courses to provide you with exactly what you need at every stage of your learning journey.  

In the end, we're aiming to provide you with everything you need to survive your first 5-10 years on the job. 

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