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  • Learn the fundamentals of Accounting with a simple, visual approach...that won't put you to sleep!

  • Feel like your in the class with Instructor video walkthroughs of each lesson. No more 'voice over slide' presentation!

  • Build a strong conceptual foundation to help you understand the mechanics behind company financials

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Are Your Courses Really Different?

We take a highly visual approach to make concepts easier to digest. 

Below are just a few sections of our Accounting Fundamentals course to help you get a feel for the course and our differentiated approach. 

The Accounting Machine

The Three Financial Statements

Do You Really Know What You're Doing?

Coming from a non-traditional background, our Founder, Mike Kimpel, is incredibly passionate about helping newcomers learn about (and excel in!) the world of Finance!

Mike has accumulated a unique range of experiences as a practitioner and teacher across the core areas of top-tier Finance. 

In Finance|able's courses, Mike ties these experiences together to help students see each situation from buy-side, sell-side, and operating roles using time-tested methods from over a decade and a half working and teaching on Wall Street.

Mike oversees all curriculum development and is building the only curriculum available that is purpose-built to tie together the common threads across disciplines above to maximize your potential as an analyst.

You will be able to succeed whether you're headed to Investment Banking, Private Equity, Investment Management, Corporate Finance, or M&A.

In Mike's words, "The best sell-side analysts operate like buy-side analysts." 

You'll learn to be much more than a 'Monkey' with our training. 

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Samuel S.

Incoming Analyst at $1T Asset Manager

"Working with Mike Kimpel/Finance|able has been one of the best experiences I have had.

His passion for helping me understand finance and willingness to chat whenever I needed help made him the best mentor I had to understand the opportunities within finance and investing (& more!).

I would not have been as successful without his guidance, as he continually provided access to information that only comes with being a veteran in the industry. If you have any general interest in careers in finance, Mike is your guy. Thank you, Mike!"

Jamie D.

Incoming IBD Analyst at Wells Fargo

"Finance|able provides an in-depth understanding of financial topics for any and every background.

The training resources in conjunction with Mike Kimpel’s passion for teaching will revolutionize how you learn finance.

Mike is not only a teacher of mine but a mentor, who has shown me how to grow my own love for learning."

Sabrina Y.

Incoming Summer IBD Analyst Jefferies

"Mike clearly has a passion for teaching, which comes across in his clear and straightforward methods of explaining technical concepts which I had never truly understood until finance-able.

As a liberal arts student with no prior finance background, I am so appreciative of Mike's willingness to help even those who are traditionally underrepresented up the curve."

Prakash G.

Fixed Income at First Pacific Advisors

"I’ve known Mike for over 15 years since we started together in investment banking. In addition to being one of the hardest working people I’ve come across, Mike is also generous with his time and knowledge. He’s been teaching finance since the very beginning (IB summer training), helping colleagues work through modeling and conceptual challenges, recruiting and mentoring junior analysts, and then teaching in more formal settings (professorship, Wall Street training programs) later in life.

Mike is a gifted and passionate educator. He will stay up all night perfecting every detail. He also deeply cares about the people he’s trying to help and will go to the end of the earth to help someone realize their dreams and potential.

I encourage people to ditch whatever finance training programs they’re considering and work with Mike. He will not only help you achieve your goals, but you’re more than likely to have a friend and mentor for life."


Incoming Analyst at Alpine Investors

"Mike’s charisma towards students looking to break into high-finance is unmatched, and it is clear that Mike truly cares about the outcomes of his students, from taking time to break down basic concepts, to spending hours on end helping students complete models and prepare for interviews 1-on-1.

Without Mike, I would not be where I am today, and cannot think of a better mentor & coach who has inspired me to reach for my wildest goals.

Thank you Mike & Financeable!"

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Accounting Fundamentals: Lesson Details

Visual, Animated Lessons with Instructor Video Walkthrough
+ Excel Exercises + 3 Statement Connections Mental Map

  • 1

    Lesson 01: Course Introduction

  • 3

    Lesson 03: The Core Accounting Toolkit

    • Let's Learn About You! :)

    • The Accounting Equation

    • Core Accounting Principles

    • Debits and Credits

    • Burn it In!

    • Test Your Skills!

  • 4

    Lesson 04: Case Study Year 1 - Balance Sheet

    • Introduction

    • Start-Up Transactions: Debt & Equity

    • Start-Up Transactions: PP&E, Inventory and AP

    • Accounting Course Excel File

    • Excel Exercise: Start-Up Transactions

    • Burn it In!

    • Test Your Skills!

  • 5

    Lesson 05: Case Study Year 1 - Income Statement

    • Revenue

    • Burn it In! - Revenue

    • Cost of Goods Sold

    • Burn it In! - COGS

    • Selling, General and Administrative Expense

    • Burn it In! - SG&A

    • Mid-Point Check-In

    • How are you feeling?

    • Depreciation Expense

    • Burn it In! - Depreciation

    • Non-Operating Items + Tax

    • Burn it In! - Non-Operating Items + Tax

    • Burn It in! - Section Review

    • Test Your Skills!

  • 6

    Lesson 06: Case Study Year 1 - Cash Flow Statement

    • Cash Flows from Operations

    • Burn it in! - CFO

    • Cash Flows from Investing

    • Burn it in! - CFI

    • Cash Flows from Financing

    • Burn it in! - CFF

    • Burn It in! - Section Review

    • Test Your Skills!

    • How are you feeling? - End of Course

    • Wrap-Up

What Courses are Included?

The current offer for our Accounting Course is a one-time opportunity to gain access to all existing and future modules of this course for One Year at a massively reduced price.

Below are the current and planned future modules of our Accounting Course. 

If you're just getting started with you're Accounting journey, this is the perfect opportunity to build a foundation and to then gain access to more advanced modules as we release them over the coming year. 

Disclaimer: All course timelines are tentative and subject to change at the Finance|able's discretion. 

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How Are Your Courses Different?

Bucketed Content 

Our courses are designed to deliver exactly what you need, based on where you are in your career progression.  

Focused + Applicational Content


You're a busy person, with a lot on your plate!


We skip the fluff and zero in on what you really need to know!

As an example, many Excel courses teach you every Excel Function under the sun.  

In contrast, our Excel Survival Kit (target release mid-October '21) focuses on what you'll actually use day-to-day as an analyst

And our Excel course is built around a comprehensive project that actually reflects what you will actually do on the job!

We continue to be baffled by financial analyst programs that boast about 10-20+ hours of content...in a world where attention spans are shrinking by the minute.

It reminds us of the famous Mark Twain Quote:

“I apologize for such a long letter - I didn't have time to write a short one.”

Don't worry, you won't need 20+ hours to learn core topics with our courses!

Highly Visual Approach

Many finance courses look like a copy-paste from a textbook to a slide. 

Let's face it, nobody likes learning this way...especially not in 2021. 

All of our courses are intentionally designed with highly-visual approach to help make learning easier, more engaging...and call us crazy...but even a little bit fun!

Dynamic (not Static) Mental Frameworks

Most intro-level modeling courses are built around a particular company case. 

This sounds like a great idea, but it has two major issues:

  1. Attempting to learn company-specific details while simultaneously learning model mechanics (often ends with information overload and pure confusion).
  2. Building your foundational constructs around a single company. But every model build has company-specific nuances. 

While we will offer real-company cases, our foundational courses are built around a simplified example to ensure you build a strong conceptual foundation.

We further reinforce your learning with Visual Mental Maps for everything from Valuation to Financial Modeling. 

With our courses and mental maps, you will be able to attack any model with confidence instead of getting lost in one-off nuances of individual companies.

In short, you won't get lost in the weeds in our courses!

Embedded Interview Prep

Within each section of our Concepts courses, you'll find a walkthrough of common interview questions tied to the concepts covered. 

With this approach, we not only help you build a strong conceptual foundation but also prepare you to nail your interviews. 

A True 'Learning Journey'

We know your foundational training is only the beginning. 

And we build our courses to provide you with exactly what you need at every stage of your learning journey.  

In the end, we're aiming to provide you with everything you need to survive your first 5-10 years on the job. 

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